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Photo credit: Ai Nairapol

LUXURY GOODS share eclectic alt-pop offering ‘Tiny Moving Parts’

Luxury Goods is back with an infectious single ‘Tiny Moving Parts.’ The track is a hypnotising offering that nods to a few different genres, with the main stand out features being captivating synths, catchy guitar hooks and tight drums. All of these elements make a distinctive canvas for singer Leonie to lay down her vocals. Her vocals fluctuate between spoken word and her signature, melodic vocal flicks, enticing listeners in and showcasing her sonic, narrative power.

The track tackles the hard topic of self-doubt. Leonie tells us: “’Tiny Moving Parts’ came from a place where I was sick and tired of always tearing myself down. We can be very vicious to ourselves, and have a lot of internalised expectations of who we should be and what we should look like. It takes a lot of strength to tune out the external opinions we stack up in our minds and to reclaim our confidence.”

As always Luxury Goods want their listeners to take something away from the track. “’Tiny Moving Parts’ is to remind everyone who needs it that we’re allowed to move on from that voice, and that self-reflection shouldn’t turn into self-hatred.”


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