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Photo credit: Harvey Pearson

Alex Amor returns with new single ‘Colour Me’

Up-and-coming London-based, Glaswegian indie-pop artist Alex Amor releases her new single ‘Colour Me’ on UK Indie label Young Poet. Fresh off the road after supporting Thomas Headon on his recent UK tour, Alex Amor teamed up with Mack Jamieson and Gianluca Buccellati who produced ‘Colour Me’, the latter known for his work on Arlo Parks’ Grammy-nominated album Collapsed In Sunbeams.

Glowing with star quality, Alex Amor finds a delicate balance between indie and dreamlike alt-pop as she gracefully describes the arrival of a special person using a lyrical pallet awash with colour: “Pocket full of sunshine / Need shades to see her / Golden in the day time”.

Speaking on the release of ‘Colour Me’, Alex Amor said: “When you’re in a dark place, life can seem grey, monotonous and stale. But sometimes, all it takes is for one person to come crashing into your life for the world to come back in blazing colour. Falling in love makes the leaves turn greener, the sky bolder and the sun shine brighter. It’s like you’re viewing the world through a saturated lens, where the boring parts of life become not only bearable but enjoyable again with this person by your side.”


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