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Georgie Neilsen returns with rousing single ‘The Last Time I Felt Better’

Making her highly-anticipated return with rousing indie-pop streaked with striking folk/ rock influences, Brisbane-based songstress Georgie Neilsen is releasing her new single ‘The Last Time I Felt Better’ today.

Starting soft, Neilsen’s honest vocal delivery already packs a punch, joined by groove-based guitar and delicate percussion tinged with a folksy rock colouring. Moving with effortless grace, Neilsen’s voice erupts in the chorus, which contains a melodic lyrical hook brimming with raw intensity. Emphasising the drama of the situation, choir-esque vocal harmonies prick the ears of Florence and the Machine fans as a vehement reverb-drenched electric guitar solo ramps the track up to its bittersweet emotional peak.

Derived from real experiences to express truth, purpose and vulnerability, ‘The Last Time I Felt Better’ was written about the dawning realisation that some things might not last forever, yet still refusing to fully accept this, as Neilsen explains. “‘Last Time I Felt Better’ is about the emotions experienced when two people suddenly appear in each other’s lives and instantly fall into a euphoric romance fueled by an addiction to that feeling,” she says.

“When the relationship quickly hits a fork in the road, there is a realisation that this flame might burn out and it consumes you with the desire to make that feeling last forever.”

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