You are currently viewing Alivenique releases paradisical new single, ‘Cachaça’

Alivenique releases paradisical new single, ‘Cachaça’

The new wave of Alivenique on her Year of the Statement journey continues. ‘Cachaça’, the latest track from the album, is available now.

‘Cachaça’ bridges Alivenique’s passion for a late night party, and her sense of wanderlust we heard in her debut record Legends under her own name, only more extroverted and sonically standing you on your ear.

An emergence song, she writes reflecting on maximalist party, the lushness of being who you are. It’s her “tropicalism as a philosophy” and “Party of Ceremony” thesis she throws around, “I love to throw parties and ‘Cachaça’ has musical connections with some of my ideal party components – tropical plants, magical night time vibes, canoes with torches going up and down the river, and a festive dance spirit filling the night. I know it sounds silly, but I’m totally serious.”

Musically the song features an artistic summer blend of world percussion with synth and modern drum sounds, while the catchy syncopated vocals pave the way the entire time.


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