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Photo credit: El Hardwick

I. JORDAN releases new double single ‘Always Been’ / ‘First Time Back’

I. JORDAN releases new double single ‘Always Been’ / ‘First Time Back’, marking their first solo music since the release of their critically acclaimed 2021 EP Watch Out!, released on Ninja Tune.

Tried and tested on the road since clubs and festivals re-opened in 2021, both tracks have become staples of Jordan’s DJ sets this last year and have been honed and developed according to crowd reactions from Marseille to Mexico City; from Primavera to Parklife. The release is the first in a series of double-singles scheduled for release in 2022 from the unstoppable producer and DJ.

The release comes shortly after Jordan announced their official name change to I. JORDAN (formally India Jordan). When speaking on the subject they commented that “It felt heavy carrying around “India Jordan” when it really doesn’t resonate with me anymore.”

The striking artwork that accompanies ‘Always Been’ / ‘First Time Back’, taken by photographer El Hardwick, is an image that feels both personal and significant to Jordan. With their back to the camera and face out of shot, it draws focus to other identifying features such as hair, tattoos and an “J” signet ring Jordan gifted to themselves to celebrate the name change. “As a trans person I’m forever changing”, comments Jordan, “being visible in the image without directly showing my face allowed me to avoid capturing something I might feel unconnected to in a few months time, but still shows off parts of my trans-ness”. It’s a true celebration of who Jordan is in that moment, channelling their ever-evolving self. “I like to see these paired single releases as little snippets of me that reflect how much I change musically as an artist but also how often my gender expression can change” they add.


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