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Photo credit: Sarah Rodriguez

America Jayne announces new EP, shares single ‘Eat You Up’

Featuring hardcore vocals, relentless drums, and heavily distorted guitar, ‘Eat You Up,’ is the heaviest song Brooklyn alt-rocker America Jayne has ever released. The first single from her forthcoming EP titled Shove It, due out later this summer, the track’s stylistic exploration is fitting, as the song dives deep into a concept AJ has never touched: accepting that you are the one in the wrong in a relationship.

Of the new single, America Jayne wrote: “The song views a relationship from the viewpoint of an emotionally distant partner, ‘maybe it’s avoidant attachment style,’ and how their actions have harmed another person.The song is about taking responsibility for your own actions, while still selfishly wishing you won’t come out as the ‘bad guy.'”

‘Eat You Up’ takes the listener on a journey. It starts from raw and honest fears of causing another harm in the verses, then leans into a relentless plea for something to give in the bridge, and ends with a blatant warning of “I’ll eat you up” in the chorus.

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