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Photo credit: Travis Trautt

Skating Polly share blistering new track ‘Send A Priest’

Skating Polly share the most brutal track from their forthcoming new album Chaos County Line, which is set for release on June 23 via El Camino Media.

Following the raucous single ‘Hickey King’ and the deceptively joyous rock song ‘I’m Sorry For Always Apologizing’, latest cut ‘Send A Priest’ is an exhilarating, fast-paced, bile-spewing number, where Kelli Mayo’s vocals snap from saccharine sweet to demonic in a hair’s breadth.

“It’s the toughest song on the record and lends itself to great mosh pits” she comments. “It’s a “Who’s using who?” type of song, all about inviting the Big Bad Wolf in and turning a blind eye to the consequences. I had the riff for ages but struggled with getting the lyrics to a place that matched the intensity of the song. I rewrote them a dozen times but the final lyrics really stand out to me as vital and close to heart.”

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