You are currently viewing The Warning announce new album alongside new singles ‘Hell You Call A Dream’ & ‘Qué Más Quieres’

The Warning announce new album alongside new singles ‘Hell You Call A Dream’ & ‘Qué Más Quieres’

Returning with a big bang, the alternative sister-trio from Monterrey, Mexico, The Warning, proudly present their anxiously awaited new full-length album, Keep Me Fed out June 28. Bulldozing the way for the record’s arrival, they just unveiled two singles, namely ‘Hell You Call A Dream’ and the Spanish-language ‘Qué Más Quieres.’

Illuminating the band’s evolution, the tracks hint at the breadth of their stunning signature style. On ‘Hell You Call A Dream,’ co-written and produced by Anton Delost [Highly Suspect, Mayday Parade] and Dan Lancaster [MUSE, Bring Me The Horizon], an arresting keyboard melody wraps around the punchy bassline. A distorted guitar groove anchors a hard-hitting hook, “Give me something to believe, in this hell you call a dream.” Dany notes, “‘Hell You Call A Dream’ tries to express a feeling most musicians find hard to express. When you’re touring, you experience the positives, the negatives, and the whole spectrum of emotion all at once. It’s about how something you love so much can be something that also weighs you down, but you continue to do it out of love. It’s fulfilling, but it’s tiring.”

The three-piece further flaunt their fiery versatility on ‘Qué Más Quieres.’ It tempers a robust riff with an electronic flurry, giving way to a chantable chorus with the power to resonate worldwide. “The title translates to ‘What else do you want?’,” Pau reveals. “It’s about taunting and manipulating. We were thinking of the TikTok phrase, ‘Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss’, and turned it into a song.” Dany goes on, “It means a lot to sing in our language and represent our country. Over the years, doors have finally opened for Mexican women in rock, and we’re actively participating in opening these doors where we can.”

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