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AMETHYST shares stirring new single ‘Boys’

Following the release of her debut EP Get Comfortable earlier this year, London based soul/R&B singer-songwriter Amethyst returns with her latest single ‘Boys’, out everywhere now.

‘Boys’ once again showcases her unapologetic lyricism, paired with her sultry and soulful vocals on what she calls ‘a soundtrack to calling men out on their behaviour’.

She says, “I wrote this song shortly after the news of Sarah Everad’s tragic death. I was sick and tired of seeing men, (boys), being able to get away with anything and abusing their power, whether that be within the workplace, relationships or just day to day life and seeing no repercussions. Of course there are elements of my own heartbreak and experiences in there as well, but I was sadly inspired by the fact that every woman I know has gone through one of the above scenarios in her life.

“Men need to start changing how they act towards woman, queer, trans, non-binary and all LGBTQIA+ people. I hate the fact that so many people will resonate with this song, but I hope it will help to create change.”

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