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Natalie Duncan channels 80s soul on ‘Found Myself’

London-based singer, songwriter and acclaimed pianist Natalie Duncan delivers her second 2022 single for Fallen Tree 1Hundred, the boutique music label curated by Goldie. ‘Found Myself is the follow-up to the hugely successful single ‘Hearts in a Cage’.

Natalie says: “I wrote the main riff running throughout the bulk of the song using electric piano and then layered other synths. I found myself feeling nostalgic about a simpler time… Being a young child in the 90s and coming into my teenage rebellious years. The song is about recognising that looking at the past through rose-tinted glasses, only gives you one perspective, usually a positive one. We edit out the painful stuff… I really wanted to collaborate with a rapper on one of these new songs and I knew it needed to be a rich, female voice – Lauren Marshall was the obvious choice! What she brings to the song is just so poetic and beautiful.”

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