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Dido Wilson stuns with debut single ‘Messages’

Marking her entrance into the industry is Dido Wilson, an R&B and Soul singer based in South East London who releases her debut single ‘Messages’.

‘Messages’ is a declaration of self worth in which Dido Wilson rejects sub-standard attempts to gain her affections, instead seeking to establish more meaningful connections. The song radiates a sense of whimsical self discovery through its effervescent instrumentation, combined with Dido’s soothing vocal tone. There is a sense of playfulness rather than spite in Dido’s words when she dismisses her would-be love interest’s uninspired communications, singing ‘You’re always asking how I am, always sending stupid texts, I don’t ever read your messages, why would I waste my breath?’

Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Dido had this to say, “I wrote ‘Messages’ after a hinge date that flopped. I was single and getting my confidence back after being in a long relationship. It was the first time I realised I could have fun whilst also figuring out my wants and needs. I learnt what standards I wanted to hold myself to, as well as the people I date. So I’m no longer accepting boring, stupid messages that take up my time.”

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