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Animai shares new single ‘No Enemy’

East London-based artist/producer Animai, releases her fourth single ‘Enemy’. It’s a cinematic offering, showcasing the artist’s powerful ability to pull the listener deep into her emotional world.
‘No Enemy’ delivers alternative pop-meets-nineties electronica, with a big nod to early Björk. Animai’s voice weaves effortlessly through the charged atmosphere, drawing the listener into an emotional world that describes the artist’s internal and external awareness of fear. The use of vocal FX emphasises the hook, with distorted bass contrasting her ethereal vocals.

Animai said: “When I composed the track, I was thinking about my own mental health and how we can all be triggered into acting/reacting in ways to protect ourselves. It’s often behaviours we learnt when we were younger; our brain recalls a similar situation and reacts on autopilot. Self-awareness brings a realisation that there is no enemy, instead, only pain, and the parts within us that we cleverly developed to protect ourselves from remembering that pain. The song is about witnessing the body react, and then implementing tools to come back into the present moment.”

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