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Photo credit: Thomas Hensher

Steinsdotter convenes with a hypnotic darkness on new electronic single ‘Nightshift’

London based songwriter and artist Steinsdotter is set to deliver her next venture into house music with ‘Nightshift,’ available on all major streaming platforms now.

The singer continues her progression from the recent slew of remixes to previous release ‘Read My Hips,’ diving deeper into her signature feminine, darkness-infused sound. ‘Nightshift’ greets fans with an inherent spiritual essence, somehow channeling an indescribable power characteristic of decades-old incantations, compelling listeners to move their bodies in sync with the eerie whispers of unhallowed strings and hypnotic bass lines. ‘Nightshift’ reflects influence from a variety of Steinsdotter’s most loved inspirations in music like Patti Smith and FKA Twigs (among others), with notes of artists like BANKS and Billie Eilish.

‘Night Shift’ is the Nordic artist’s second house track, followed by an additional round of remixes releasing throughout the remainder of 2022 embodying a variety of flavors. Despite exploring a more electrified, energetic sound with these releases, Steinsdotter stays true to the parts of her identity that have impacted her artistry the most. Her current sound builds from the ethereal electronic avant-garde pop she’s become known for, inspired by a variety of things from nature, to Egyptian and Nordic gods and goddesses, and her Nordic heritage as the descendant of a fearless Viking warrior witch. Steinsdotter wrote ‘Night Shift’ and workshopped the final version with producer Agon Branza. She intended to invigorate listeners, inspiring them to take to the dance floor while channeling her musical roots with more definition and clarity than on ‘Read My Hips.’


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