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Anthony Lexa releases new single ‘Sleepy’

Multidisciplinary talent Anthony Lexa today drops her new track, ‘Sleepy’. Hot on the heels of her greatly-received single ‘Early Nights’, and collaborative two-track EP with Sex Education co-star Felix Mufti (Bratphase) T Time, Anthony worked with producer Mark Elliott (Orla Gartland, FIZZ, Greta Isaac) again to create a new sonic universe on ‘Sleepy’, a space for Anthony to process insomnia, her busy mind and experiment with electronic elements.

Mirroring Anthony’s experiences of insomnia, ‘Sleepy’ resides in two worlds; from the eerie textures and lullaby quality, exposing Anthony’s more vulnerable moments, then moving into screeching, harsh electronic elements, as she battles through her racing thoughts and loneliness with hedonistic conviction and production.

‘Sleepy’ is a space to vent, but not a space to dream; “I don’t wanna sleep, I don’t feel like dreaming, I don’t wanna talk about how I’m feeling…Too much in my head so I let you eat it”. Anthony elaborates, “Sleepy is the sexy older sister to my first single ‘Early Nights’. Sometimes no matter how early you get in bed, the last thing you want to be doing is sleeping”.

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