You are currently viewing VERA release brilliant second single ‘Reasons’
Photo credit: Sarah Ellis

VERA release brilliant second single ‘Reasons’

Vera blends a modern Indie sound with elements of groove and soul, retro pop, and rock all underpinned by the raw and powerful vocal of Sarah Toner. Filled with style, drama and a healthy dose of sarcasm, Sarah’s lyrics cover every possible pitfall of modern love presenting a refreshingly cynical version of being a hopeless romantic.

The band say of their new single: “‘Reasons’ is a big, noisy, explosive representation of the barrage of excuses we’re up against trying to date in the modern world. The unimaginative and monotonous convictions we give and receive when cutting ties romantically. It’s a confessional of the four members’ scarcely credible romantic histories. Trivial, legitimate and sometimes far-fetched, ‘Reasons’ is a ridiculous catalogue of failed relationships”

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