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Photo credit: Marcus Coblyn

Arabella and The Heist pack a punch with new single ‘Electric’

Entering the ring are femme-punk outfit Arabella and The Heist, coming out alive, fierce and biting with their new single ‘Electric’ and pumped up music video to match.

‘Electric’ is an unapologetic power anthem with old-school punk vibes, crunchy guitar riffs, fast and heavy drums, and strong, versatile vocals that tackle screaming highs and growling lows that harness the pure energy that comes with taking the stage.

Arabella and The Heist share: “’Electric’ is a celebration of energy. We wanted to press on a record a feeling of alive-ness, the feeling we get when performing live. There’s something so special about standing in a room with other humans, loving the same thing you do and to us, that’s electric.”

The music video that drops with the single wraps it in a visual bow, thrown into the ring for a bloody boxing match of light and dark. It’s a freeing, dizzying ode to confidence. “The Electric music video encapsulates the feeling of release this track is inspired by,” state the band. “Boxing gave us the medium to communicate this expression and through the lens of the sweaty gym, we aimed to create an atmosphere of electricity.”

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