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Photo credit: Moni Haworth

belabela shares otherworldly new single ‘Blood’

Los Angeles electro-shoegaze maven Bella Isabelle Catherine Jhun (aka belabela) conjures carnal single ‘Blood’. Her music invokes a gothic atmosphere of demons reflected in puddles as belabela walks down dark, neon-lit L.A. corridors beneath a full moon.

The provocative ‘Blood’ opens with 808s rumbling your body and chirping crickets inviting us to nighttime activities. It evokes a visceral sexuality with its pulsing bass line and sensual vocals. Belabela creates a world for us to be surrounded by her sanguine embrace. “You held me tight,” belabela sings, “legs open wide / I’m drowning in the water / but you don’t look / you just watch / it’s in my head / you’re in my head / blood red on my hands / blood red on my lips for you.”

“My partner left me and I was upset,” says belabela. “I needed to wear blood-red lipstick around this person. He never saw me without it. I was having intrusive thoughts about sex and I wanted him out of my brain. I would go to this church across the street from my school and take naps underneath the Virgin Mary. I just kept imagining having sex with this person. I felt evil.”

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