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Jen Island shares dreamy new single ‘I Wonder’

Jen Island’s sound in one word is dreamy. She blends shoe-gaze guitars with soft emotive singing, warming new wave textures with soothing melodies. Her style ‘stone skips’ in the Indie/Alternative lane, marrying sounds of Soccer Mommy, Mac Demarco & Blood Orange although her influences range from Mazzy Star and Billy Joel. She’s a bedroom writer/producer and this EP project started from a little setup in the corner of her room.

A fast-paced mover, her new single ‘I Wonder’ describes the all-too-familiar feeling we face being in a relationship you realise you don’t want. The production conjures up a whirlwind of feelings, and acts as a juxtaposition to the song itself, conveying the uncertainty of the situation. The tedious cycle of meeting people you’re not interested in continues until Jen goes on to describe someone new and how amazing they make her feel. She finds someone who she feels in tune with and the message flips. ‘Sets a tone with feeling completely disillusioned by every love interest you meet until you meet someone you feel completely yourself with’.

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