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Photo credit: Christian Sorensen Hanson

AMAARA shares hazy new dream-pop single/video ‘Bright Lights’

Child of Venus is the striking debut full length album from Canadian-born singer, songwriter, producer, filmmaker and actor Kaelen Ohm (she/they) who performs under the musical moniker AMAARA. Due out July 7, the collection is classic-era dream pop at its core, drawing influence from jazz, R&B and folk music with reverb drenched guitars, soaring synths, layered vocal harmonies and expansive percussion.

Arriving alongside a brand new official video, new single ‘Bright Lights’’ lush instrumentation and psychedelic haze hits the road while ruminating about a long drive up to Big Sur taken in 2020. “I’d just been through a really tough situation in my life where the rug felt like it was pulled out from under me,” she recalls. “I found myself grappling with my role in letting it happen, and trying to let go of what I was still hanging onto.”

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