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Photo credit: Sophie Scott

Belot returns with the glittering new single ‘Cool Whip’

Following on from the release of her much-loved EP Harmless Fun last year, “awkward pop” pioneer Belot has now returned for 2023 to deliver her glittering new single ‘Cool Whip’.

Continuing to pursue more of that bright and groove-filled aesthetic she has cultivated for herself, ‘Cool Whip’ sees her return for the new-year with one of her most explosive offerings to date. Filled with bright and vibrant textures against her own captivating vocal performance, she looks to add another vital addition to her bubbling catalogue to date.

Adding about ‘Cool Whip’, she said, “‘Cool Whip’ is about being in a relationship with someone who initially seems caring and extremely generous, but down the line you come to realise that every gift and or kind gesture was a cover up for yet another affair or slip up. I’ve had a few friends over the years that eventually discovered spontaneous flowers could also be red flags. So I always thought it would be interesting to write about the sort of dynamic, where the nicer the gift, the worse the crime.”

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