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Lunar June releases new single and video ‘heart scream summer’

Brighton-based electro-pop singer, songwriter and visual artist Lunar June shares the music video for her new single ‘heart scream summer’.

On ‘heart scream summer’, Lunar explores the anxiety that overcomes her during the summer months. Speaking of the track, she says, “I first wrote the verse and pre-chorus ideas for ‘heart scream summer’ back in Spring 2022. I was obsessed with Charli XCX’s new album, Crash (so much so that I mention it in the first line of the song), and that album influenced so many of the sounds I was exploring in this song.

“People talk about feeling sad in the Winter, but for some reason – even though I absolutely adore the weather – I often seem to feel sad in Summer, which feels a little backwards. I think maybe it’s because Summer lacks routine, people go away, things feel somewhat slower. I’ve often felt like I’m watching from the sidelines whilst everyone else is seemingly living their best lives and having a blast, doing fun things, and I feel disconnected. So ‘heart scream summer’ is kind of about that isolation and loneliness, and just feeling really lost and directionless. In the chorus and climax of the song, I wanted to explore themes of that fear of the future and being young and having literally nothing figured out, but gripping to a certain person to feel ok. I wanted it to feel less lonely and more euphoric and hopeful, even if it’s all still a bit sad.

“I live with so much fear and dread of the future, which is the main theme I explore in the music video. The monster in the video represents this terrified part of myself, and it’s something I’m constantly trying to run away from and suppress; ironically, I fear it. Towards the end of the video I finally charge towards the monster and embrace it and dance with it, and by the final scene I’m resting my head on its shoulder to symbolise acceptance and peace.”

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