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Photo credit: David Pentecost

Bess Atwell releases tranquil new track ‘Fan Favourite’

After recently announcing the details behind her eagerly-awaited new studio album Light Sleeper, Brighton-based artist Bess Atwell continues the support for her next LP with the tranquil new single ‘Fan Favourite’.

Exploring more of that rich and dreamlike aesthetic she has become synonymous with in recent years, ‘Fan Favourite’ makes for a beautifully sweet and emotive listen throughout. With its deeply moving narrative exploring finality within life and love, she serenades us with this captivating ode to shared experiences and our strong connections to them.

Speaking about ‘Fan Favourite’, she said, “I wrote ‘Fan Favourite’ after watching some behind the scenes footage from a popular TV show. Not even a die-hard fan of the show myself – I can’t remember what it was now – I found myself emotional watching the cast’s wrap party. I felt jealous of the sense of community and opportunity to reflect on shared experiences and history. I pictured my own family’s “wrap party” and what that would look like. The sadness, humour, disappointment and joy that would come with acknowledging the huge shared experience we’ve had in this life. The song also touches on the passing of time, a sense of dissociation, and feeling as though you’ve missed out on life despite still living it.

“’Fan Favourite’ is an attempt at a self-wake-up call so I wanted the production to sparkle, breathe and feel alive, the instrumentation a reminder that life is indeed still there to be lived.”

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