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Photo credit: David Pentecost

Bess Atwell unveils warming new single ‘Something Now’

After finding huge support for her recent offerings ‘Fan Favourite’ and ‘Release Myself’ in recent weeks, Brighton-based artist Bess Atwell continues the support for her next LP Light Sleeper with the warming new single ‘Something Now’.

With its rich and emotive textures perfectly heightening her dazzling vocals once again, ‘Something Now’ adds another refined layer to her already immersive efforts of late. Building upon the shimmering presence of her recent releases to develop a warmer and more heartfelt direction, Bess Atwell continues to shine as one of the more tantalising talents on the rise right now.

Adding about ‘Something Now’, she said, “This track is a celebration of feeling, written in a moment of empowerment when I was tapering off antidepressants. I’m not anti-medication, but I realised I’d become frightened of my feelings and it signalled a change in me that I was prepared to feel a broader spectrum of emotion.

“Opening myself up to emotional discomfort meant confronting beliefs I had developed to protect myself from it. At some point, probably at a very young age, I had decided that any suffering myself and my family had been through could be offset by becoming successful in my career. I could settle the score by turning pain into something beautiful and lucrative. Something Now challenges the childlike idealism of this belief, and explores how it was just another form of avoidance and unwillingness to feel. It champions the idea that pain doesn’t take away from joy, if anything it adds to it.”

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