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Photo credit: Travis Bailey

Blu DeTiger and Biig Piig share new single, ‘Crash Course’

Bass prodigy and burgeoning pop icon Blu DeTiger and acclaimed singer-songwriter Biig Piig team up on the sizzling new single ‘Crash Course’. Trading off on vocals, they exude cool confidence as they defy pursuit, taunting, “catch me if you can.” ‘Crash Course’ is fueled by a driving beat, exhilarating electronic effects and a mesmerizing bass line from Blu, who produced along with Oscar Scheller (Ashnikko, Brooke Candy). Blu and Biig Piig wrote the song with Scheller and Rex Detiger.

“‘Crash Course’ is collection of New York sounds spun around and spit out onto an L.A. racetrack,” explains Blu DeTiger. “It’s dirty bass, high energy, fun. We had the best time making this and I think that comes through when you listen to it. I’ve been a big fan of Biig Piig for a while, she has a really unique voice and sound. It was really cool to collaborate with her on this.”

Biig Piig adds, “Making the track in L.A. with Blu, Rex and Oscar was so fun, it all flowed so great in the studio and the drums and bass line just set me off – I feel like we tapped into this divine feminine energy, and when the lyrics and melodies came I pictured us driving fast down a highway, GTA style blaring the speakers.”

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