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Photo credit: Synne Sofi Bønes

Bo Milli shrewdly observes her digital-obsessed generation on ‘FOMO’

Bergen, Norway based rising star Bo Milli has released her new single ‘FOMO’, co-produced by Mikhael Paskalev (Sløtface) and Odd Martin (Sigrid, AURORA). 

‘FOMO’ brings together hyper-self aware and at times self-deprecating lyricism, with shrewd observations of her digital-obsessed generation. From its opening salvo [“you make me feel dumb / waiting for you to text first / I did five days ago / I counted”], Bo Milli expertly captures the surreality of young adulthood, atop a bed of eclectic surging indie rock.

Speaking more on the track, Bo Milli said: “I like writing lyrics that sketch out what someone would say to another person if they were actually honest. In that vein, ‘FOMO’ is about the breaking point in a casual relationship where I lose my cool — in a very literal sense: while that other person is out partying with cool people, I’m unable to hide my true feelings on the matter, unable to stay emotionally distant and hard-to-get. It’s about losing a game you’ve been engaged in with someone, because you care more. And it’s about the ‘fear of missing out’ that constant digital insight into other peoples life has fostered.”

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