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Photo credit: Rory Barnes

Bonnie Kemplay shares brand new track ‘Was It Obvious’

Edinburgh-based rising star Bonnie Kemplay releases her intimate new single ‘Was It Obvious’. Delicate, vivid and gorgeously cinematic, singer-songwriter Bonnie is the latest signing to world-renowned record label Dirty Hit (The 1975, Beabadoobee, Wolf Alice), who released her emphatic debut single on the label, ‘19’, to widespread acclaim last month.

Capturing that feeling of burnout that comes when a friendship no longer serves you, ‘Was It Obvious’ feels intimate yet universally relatable. Bonnie has opted for stripped-back acoustic production in favour of a more intricate soundscape that allows her impressive guitar writing to shine. Combined with her eccentric ear for alt-pop melodies and hummable yet vulnerable lyrics, it showcases a captivating new direction in her signature sound.

Speaking on ‘Was It Obvious’, Bonnie explains: “Was it obvious?’ is about a friendship that was no longer working and I didn’t know why. It was like a very precarious Jenga tower that needed someone to remove that stubborn block for it to collapse, and then to build it up again. Instead, I think I just swept the whole thing into a bin.”

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