You are currently viewing Borderline Toxic share new single ‘Sir Satan’

Borderline Toxic share new single ‘Sir Satan’

Borderline Toxic announced themselves to the world in summer 2022 releasing the electric single, ‘Blood Sucking Beauty Queen’. Having formed during the pandemic, the band’s shared love of rock and metal quickly developed into a haven of creativity.

Now, the band make their long awaited return as they prepare to release latest single ‘Sir Satan’. In it, Borderline Toxic’s desire to explore emotive, personal lyricism paired with a raucous background of scuzzy riffs is exhibited once again.

‘Sir Satan’ delves into themes about our own character, our flaws, our strengths, our relationships and how these individual traits are influenced by both positive and negative experiences that have shaped us. Hypnotic front-woman Kerry Glass delivers the line, “…nothing is A-Ok, said Sir Satan…” with stinging aplomb. Kerry is telling the listener that our demon is always in the back of our mind causing doubt and, ultimately, sabotaging the healthy relationships we create. Kerry’s own personal rebuke to the paternal issues she has faced growing up are laced throughout the song and are cocooned by filthy, face melting guitar riffs, biting drum beats and a grooving baseline.

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