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Photo credit: Chris Postlewaite

Sheer Mag share new single/video ‘Moonstruck’

Sheer Mag break significant musical ground on their forthcoming album Playing Favorites, elevating their signature approach to rock and roll to lushly cinematic new heights. Their latest single ‘Moonstruck’ lives up to its titular reference of Hollywood-sized surprise romance, spooling out a charming story of desire.

Guitarist and lyricist Matt Palmer tells, “‘Moonstruck’ is about how invigorating it is to have a new crush. After too long lost in the wilderness, it’s gratifying to find a beacon of tenderness to help reorient yourself in the maze of love. Written in 2021 and originally intended for a disco EP, ‘Moonstruck’ has been reworked as a more expansive and lush arrangement and features some of our favorite guitar work on the new record.”

The accompanying video for ‘Moonstruck’ was inspired by Rush’s ‘Limelight’ visuals which featured footage from their wintertime recording sessions at Le Studio in Quebec. Sheer Mag enlisted director and longtime friend Ryan Schnackenberg (Cult Images) to bring it to life.

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