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Power Pose release playful, confident single ‘Honey’

Brooklyn-based rock duo Power Pose share anthemic, drum-backed first single ‘Honey’. In addition to the fiery single, Power Pose announce their defiant debut full-length album I’m Looking, out July 1.

United by their friendship and shared sense of purpose, Jacqueline Bodley (guitar/vocals) and Kelly Rudman (drums) formed Power Pose in 2017. After overcoming several personal obstacles and the pandemic further delaying their creative process, they are finally here to introduce themselves. Through gritty guitar riffs and bold, emotionally evocative lyricism, Power Pose redefine womanhood and reclaim their agency and femininity as they blaze their own trail.

With a nod to Joan Jett’s anthemic rock-n-roll style, ‘Honey’ kicks off with a pounding drum beat that hammers through the song’s core. The track’s thumping rhythm, winding bass groove and infectious guitar riffs get your body moving. Sultry vocals give the tune a flirtatious, playful energy as the duo remains carefree, confident and unabashedly themselves.

Setting the tone in the opening verse, Bodley sings, “Saw it on TV / Did I waste my time / Cause it feels like I / Spent all my life / Taking what was offered me.” The track sees the duo unwilling to settle, to get nothing less than what they deserve, and encourages listeners to do the same.

“The lyrics for ‘Honey’ originated in a dark place, but the song transforms that darkness into something joyful and empowering,” says Bodley. During 2018, Bodley struggled with health issues that led her to spend time at home, watching TV and feeling isolated from the outside world. Bodley continues, “When you aren’t well, it’s easy to lose confidence and feel disconnected from your physical self. ‘Honey’ is about someone living vicariously through the media they consume and plunging into fantasy to escape their reality. Ultimately, the narrator wakes herself up to reclaim her strength and sexual confidence. The song is about shaking off your insecurities and completely letting go. Its danceability celebrates the feeling of moving and connecting with your body.”


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