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Photo credit: Eda Reutov

Caregiver releases new single ‘Reason’

Sacramento songwriter Caregiver shares another cut from her upcoming debut album Bathing in Yesterday’s Fires, out this Friday (June 17) via Park The Van. Her latest single is the fiery ‘Reason,’ a song that looks back on a self-sabotaged relationship.

‘Reason’ was inspired by a relationship that Bitson ended. “I sabotaged a relationship to avoid being hurt,” Bitson explains. “Such an ironic characteristic, self-sabotage. It creates the exact thing I fear. When we reconnected, it was as if he could see right through me. There was nothing left for us. If I hadn’t been so distant and destructive, maybe things could have worked out differently. We swung outside on hammocks on opposing sides of his porch and it felt like goodbye. That week I wrote ‘Reason’.”

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