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Photo credit: Matilda Hill Jenkins

Lizzie Reid shares haunting new track ‘Love Of Her Life’

Glaswegian singer-songwriter Lizzie Reid has shared her new track ‘Love Of Her Life’. ‘Love Of Her Life’ is the opener of Lizzie’s upcoming EP Mooching, due out via sevenfoursevensix (Matilda Mann, Matt Maltese, tinyumbrellas) on August 31.

Lizzie describes ‘Love Of Her Life’ as being “the second half of the story” that she started telling on her debut EP Cubicle. Encompassing the process of dealing with heartbreak in one of Lizzie’s first same-sex relationships, in some ways this is certainly the case. However, sonically, Lizzie tells an altogether new story.

The track’s rich production neatly adds new, subtle layers and textures as the track progresses before culminating in a haunting, Tarantino-esque guitar section. It is nothing short of sublime, showcasing a new cinematic edge to Lizzie’s artistry with her tender guitar and dazzling vocals unequivocally owning centre stage.

Speaking about ‘Love Of Her Life’, Lizzie said: “At the time I wrote the song, I felt like I was looking at heartbreak from a new and less naive perspective. But now I have a bit of distance on it, I can see I was still carrying a lot of baggage. For example, when I say ‘I don’t mind’, I see now that I clearly do mind – but I have a different way of confronting my emotions.”

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