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Photo credit: Laura Allard-Fleischl

Bessie Turner releases new single ‘It Was Nothing’

Suffolk songwriter Bessie Turner shares her first new music of 2022 with ‘It Was Nothing’. The single showcases her expert approach towards marrying gritty and dreamy sounds, and tackling big themes with a mixture of emotional precision and playful levity.

Falling in line with artists like Phoebe Green and She Drew The Gun (or further afield Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail and Stella Donnelly) in their approach to introspective and engaging indie-rock, ‘It Was Nothing’ pushes and pulls throughout. An understated opening sets the pivot point for an exhilarating bass and drum kick-off, whilst weightless guitars provide an airy base for Bessie’s lilting vocals to deliver her exploration of a friendship’s hazy aftermath. Across the piece the lyrics swing between over-analysis, and irony and sarcasm, as she details further:

“I wrote the seed of ‘it was nothing’ years ago now. It’s about the loss of friendships and me trying to find peace and reason in a situation. I’m always the most sorry person in the room and take responsibility for things even if they’re not mine to carry, like if someone ran me over I would apologise for touching their car. I still haven’t found complete peace but at least I’ve made a little ditty. De nada, de rien, don’t worry about it, it’s kind of ironic and sarcastic I guess because I really, really care. The song is full of high and low energy and I wanted it to feel like a burst of emotion. The ending is a kind of sarky feel good end of play – it’s my favourite part of the song.”

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