You are currently viewing carobae releases latest confessional pop single ’till the day i ___’

carobae releases latest confessional pop single ’till the day i ___’

Nashville writer, artist and producer carobae (Caroline Baker) releases her latest confessional pop single ’til the day i _‘ out now with a surprise b-side, the equally catchy ‘everytime i close my eyes.’

This indie darling’s songwriting continues to mirror the pressures and raw feelings of relationships today, both personal and professional. The young creative has become known for her wry lyricism as she crafts the soundtrack to your 20s. While her themes hit home for most Gen-Zers, they are universal and relatable.

“I wrote ’till the day i __‘ about my experiences in the music industry, about all the nights partying with people at record companies, artists I wanted to write for, and producers I wanted to work with,” explains Caroline. “It gets exhausting making sure you’re the perfect “vibe” for someone seemingly more important than you who promises to make your dreams come true. In the chorus I ultimately ask the question “Will I do this til the day I die? All to be a diamond in the sky?”, because at the end of the day even though I’m exhausted, all I want is to create music and I’ll do anything to have it be heard.”


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