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CATBEAR release new single ‘I Choose Love’

Following the release of their debut album in 2021, London-based duo Zoe Konez (she/her) and Sarah Smith (she/her) -aka CATBEAR -are blasting into the new year with a brand new single.

‘I Choose Love’ is an ethereal dreampop sapphic anthem celebrating queer love and fighting to live as your true self -bringing a feel good New Year message for all. The track mixes nostalgic and warm analogue synths with dreamy guitars, assured female vocals and pulsating bassline.

Of their most personal and honest lyrics yet, Zoe says: “It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost in the challenges of being an individual in today’s world -even just walking out of your door can feel like you need to put your armour on to prepare for judgement, whether at work, on the bus or at the supermarket. ‘I Choose Love’ is your armour for a message of defiance, of confidence to be yourself, and a reminder to treat everyone as equals.”

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