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Photo credit: Andrew Hallenberg

LAVEDA release crisp new single for 2023: ‘Clean’

New York City dream-pop duo LAVEDA have unveiled sleek new single ‘Clean’, taken from their awaited second album A Place You Grew Up In.

Sulky and scintillating, ‘Clean’ sees the two-piece traversing the darker side of dream-pop as moody melodies linger in the air like clouds blocking out the sun on a dismal day.

Fusing gentle strumming guitars with balmy vocals and overcast stretches of instrumentals, Laveda are further perfecting their knack for shoegaze-flecked introspections that feel both achingly intimate and widely relatable.

A wistful reflection on the home truths and growing pains that come with getting older, vocalist Ali Genevich confides of the new track: “I think for the first time I truly realised that growing up was an inevitable fate. It’s such a strange thing, knowing you’re only to grow further and further from innocence as life goes on. I never wanted to think about getting older as a kid, I wanted to stay eight years old forever. I think there’s a part of that feeling that will always stay with me.”

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