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Celine Love shares fiercely powerful new single ‘Black Limousine’

Acclaimed indie R&B singer, songwriter Celine Love shares her fiercely powerful new single ‘Black Limousine’. The track is the latest single taken from her new EP Colouring In, out on April 10.

Deeply captivating from the very first note, ‘Black Limousine’ showcases Celine’s ability to transcend genres, creating her distinctively unique sound. Blending elements of folk, R&B and soul, with hints of Americana influences, Celine’s vocal delivery soars with passion and emotion as the track builds. A fan favourite at Celine’s live shows, it was written eight years ago about the brutal nature of the music industry. Releasing the track now further highlights how much the track resonates with Celine today.

Speaking of the track, she says, “I wrote the song in my first year studying songwriting in Berlin. This year changed my entire perspective on the music industry and I saw it for the soul sucking business it can be. I was starry eyed and passionate and the more people from the industry I met, the more I realised I would have to work hard not to become a shell of my former self. I met songwriters, singers and managers who all talked about playing ‘the game’, as if it had nothing to do with their love for music. All anyone seemed to care about was success measured by numbers and high profile opportunities.

“The song opens with the line ‘I sold my soul to the highest bidder’, which is exactly what I’ve tried to avoid throughout my career so far. The song is a warning, it doesn’t speak of experience, it’s predicting a future I hope never comes true.

“Although this song speaks directly about the music industry it’s applicable to anyone who has experienced or feared becoming a version of themselves they didn’t recognise. I’ve had many emotional moments performing it and people have come to me with various stories of what made them connect to the song.”

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