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Photo credit: George Bell

Celine Love returns with gorgeous new single ‘Silver Lining’

Following the release of her debut EP Aquarius SZN, London-based, Hamburg born indie R&B singer-songwriter Celine Love returns with her stirring new single ‘Silver Lining’, out everywhere today.

Produced by Tony Sage, Celine wrote the track after moving to London from Berlin, and explores the difficulties of maintaining relationships and friendships as an adult, especially when living in different countries.

Once again, the track showcases Celine’s prowess as a songwriter and her ability to wear her heart on her sleeve. She takes relatable themes and unpacks them in the most touching and thoughtful ways through her lyrics. Naming artists such as Alessia Cara, Lianne La Havas and Ama Lou as her biggest inspirations, Celine draws from her combined influences, totally owning her own brand of heartfelt R&B-Pop with Folk storytelling sensibilities.

Speaking of the track, she says, “When I moved to London, I found myself feeling disconnected from my childhood friends and not connected enough to my new friends and wondered if it was my fault that I wasn’t in touch with people. The conclusion: yes. Yes, I felt like it was my fault. This song is an apology yet also an excuse to my friends for not making more of an effort and pushing people out of my life unintentionally.

“Anyone whose moved cities more than once undoubtedly can relate to some extent, yet also anyone who’s realised that losing friends is a growing pain. Something that seems unavoidable the more we evolve and understand ourselves. I hope this track can help ease guilt when it comes to losing touch with people we were once close with. One the other , I would like to see it be the catalyst to an overdue phone call or two.”

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