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CHINCHILLA releases new single ‘MF Diamond’

Unique unapologetic artist CHINCHILLA has returned with brand new single ‘MF Diamond’. Co-written and co-produced by CHINCHILLA, ‘MF Diamond’ is an empowering anthem that embodies CHINCHILLA’s ethos of authenticity – a trait valued by her listeners who connect with her lyricism and honesty and seen in previous releases ‘Cut You Off’ and ‘Little Girl Gone’.

Speaking on the new release, CHINCHILLA says: “’MF Diamond’ is the banger that reminds you how great you are. It’s the soundtrack to the desperate paranoid obsessive love-spiral in your head that usually doesn’t verbalise itself into the outside world. It’s kind of all those thoughts you try and suppress when you’re in love to try and seem aloof and hard-to-get. And then it’s a pep talk to yourself reminding yourself that you’re a diamond. It’s everything all at once. I wrote this with Justin Tranter and Jussi on my first ever trip to LA, and we all instantly loved it, so I queue jumped it to be the next single. It just felt too exciting to wait on.”

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