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Lucy Rose has shared her subtle new track ‘Over When It’s Over’. The songwriter’s new album This Ain’t The Way You Go Out lands on April 19, and it deals with some intensely personal topics. Written during a difficult pregnancy, it deals with motherhood, self-doubt, health issues, and more. New song ‘Over When It’s Over’ looks more broadly at Lucy Rose and her husband, analysing the strain that period placed on their relationship. Deeply intimate, the lyric stems from her diagnosis of rare pregnancy induced osteoporosis, and the pressurised period they navigated together. She explains… “As you can imagine, having a baby combined with my diagnosis, it put a strain on my relationship with my husband. There was a time when I felt like we were just surviving and there was distance, however, like all things, getting through the hard times together has just made us stronger. We have learnt so much about each other and grown together, and I feel grateful that our love for one another was so strong that we could get through it all.” Beautifully etched, Lucy Rose has a palpable patience to her art, while the lyric is neatly framed by her dulcet vocal. Directed by Dylan Friese-Green, you can check out the video to ‘Over When It’s Over’ below. [via Clash]

Melbourne four-piece Parsnip recently announced details of Behold; their new album, set to be released April 26 on Upset The Rhythm. Now, they share brand new single ‘Turn To Love’ backed by a cinematic music video filmed on the lands of the Wurundjeri People. In the video, there’s a Wizard of Oz-esque transition as the chorus bursts with colour, with further influences drawn from Serge Lutens photography, the Oskar Schlemmer Triadic Ballet, Yohji Yamamoto campaigns, Art Deco costumes (à la Ziegfeld Follies) and American Circus attire from the 1870s-1950s. Of the song, Paris Rebel Richens says: “Imagine what the world would be like if everyone stopped for a moment or two every day and fixed their attention on the heart. All anyone really wants is love. This song is a plea, for everything that you do in the outer, the most profound changes must be made within. It is not a weakness, if anything, choosing love is courageous and wise.”

Maya Hawke has released her new single ‘Dark’. Following on from ‘Missing Out’, it’s the latest cut from her upcoming third album Chaos Angel, set for release on May 31 via Mom+Pop. This latest work sees Hawke collaborating with artists such as Christian Lee Hutson, Benjamin Lazar Davis, and Will Graefe, continuing her exploration into the intricacies of love and life through music. Maya explains: “‘Dark’ is a cut and dry love song about a relationship struggling to find its footing. It’s about trying to sort out the mixed bag of history and pain two people bring into a new love to find the path forward. “The chorus was written a few years ago when I was going through a particularly debilitating bout of bedtime anxiety: I would lay in bed with the fear that if I let myself fall asleep, my brain would forget how to breathe and I would die in my sleep. I saw a doctor who told me that I had to become okay with dying. He said if I accepted it, I would be able to sleep and would likely… not die. He was right, I didn’t die. And I wrote this song to celebrate it.” [via Dork]

With fierce energy and flirtatious charm, pop-rock songstress Zoe Ko has quickly become a musical force to reckoned with. Last November, she released her EP Baby Teeth, which featured a succession of acclaimed singles like ‘Rib Cage,’ ‘Petri Dish’ and ‘Pink Noise.’ The energetic performer has just released her newest single, ‘DIRT,’ a gritty dance track that doubles as an ode to New York City, with accompanying music video. “I’m from NYC baby,” says Zoe, enthusiastically. “I was raised there. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be the crazy, bad-ass bitch that I am. It’s the often looked down upon elements of NYC – the grit, the grime, the garbage, the hustle and bustle, the roaches, rats, and pigeons – that shaped me into an adaptable and adventurous person. When I moved to L.A., I missed all the grit and all the dirt back in NYC. I missed its rawness. There’s a fake showiness in L.A. that I just wasn’t used to. So, a few weeks into living here, I walked into the studio and started ranting about how much I miss NYC and its dirt. I loved the word ‘dirt’ so much that I turned it into a song – the kind of song that I might hear in one of my favorite New York clubs. I’ve learned to love L.A., in case you’re wondering,” she adds. “When I wrote ‘Dirt,’ I was homesick. And I was being a bit dramatic.” The official music video for ‘DIRT’ was directed by Brea Lynn. The ‘DIRT’ music video is an electrifying journey into the heart of New York City’s nightlife, capturing the essence of a wild night out in one of the city’s iconic clubs and Zoe’s favorite. With a gritty warehouse setting, booming speakers, and a touch of the unexpected—a Halloween rat head cameo—the video pulsates with the energy of a carefree evening with friends. About the video, Zoe says, “I have my girls with me, there’s a dirty grungy warehouse with huge speakers and a gross bathroom, what else do you need for a fun night out?! I wanted to have lots of dancing in this video because to me, going out is dancing out all your stress from that week. This music video was my favorite to make in my career so far! Everyone’s vibe was amazing on set and in a way it did actually feel like throwing a party!”

Alt-pop sensation AURORA has released her brand new single, ‘Some Type Of Skin’. Speaking of the release, AURORA says: “I’ve always been told that I should build some type of skin. I’ve always let myself merge too much with the world, not really knowing where the world ends and I begin. This song screams the muchness of it. And it’s delicious. Being human is really delicious, even though it’s more than any of us can handle. My god it’s a lot.” [via Line Of Best Fit]

Anna Prior is best known for her role as drummer in electronic act Metronomy, though she’s also a producer and DJ. Now, the multi-hyphenate artist is announcing her debut solo EP Almost Love and sharing ‘Fall Back’ with an AI-directed video from Tom Furse. “The song is about when I realized that love from a partner is never unconditional,” Prior said in a statement. “I think it’s where my lack of trust in relationships began, when my hyper independence began and when I started searching for people that I knew could never love me so I would never get hurt again.” Prior worked with James Greenwood, aka Ghost Culture, on the EP. Lyrically, it’s inspired by existential poetry of 19th and 20th century Portuguese romantics, which she found an appreciation for during her time in Lisbon. [via Stereogum]

Shannon And The Clams announced their new album The Moon Is In The Wrong Place in January, and so far they’ve shared the title track and ‘Bean Fields.’ Now, the Oakland garage rock eccentrics are back with ‘Real Or Magic.’ The Moon Is In The Wrong Place was written after the tragic, unexpected passing of bandleader Shannon Shaw’s fiancé Joe Haener. ‘Real Or Magic’ is a soaring ballad about a vision Shaw had, after Haener’s death, of him bathed in sunlight. The dreamy song captures the otherworldly nature of grief and our relentless ability to retain our connection to the ones we love no matter where they are. Below, watch the video directed by Vanessa Pla. [via Stereogum]

Olivia Rodrigo has shared a video for ‘Obsessed,’ which appears on her new expanded version of Guts, Guts (Spilled). Mitch Ryan directed the video, in which Rodrigo hosts a beauty pageant while despairing over the enviable attributes of her partner’s ex. Rodrigo co-wrote the song with Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) and longtime collaborator Dan Nigro. [via Pitchfork]

London-based artist, Salwa debuted her album, Late at Night, in 2023 to widespread acclaim, delving into themes of guilt, infidelity, love, and the complexities of being a bipolar woman. Now, she shifts her focus to the visual aspect of the album, unveiling the video for its opening track and standout, ‘Oh! Lover’. As the track unfolds, Salwa’s delicate, breathy vocals harmonise seamlessly with the dreamy visuals. Set against a nostalgic backdrop, the visuals for ‘Oh! Lover’ effortlessly transition between mesmerising floral shots, while Salwa sings softly into the microphone, adorned in vivid white attire. As the viewer becomes immersed in the sentimental storyline of the track and the blossoming romance, ‘Oh! Lover’ strikingly portrays – both in its sound and visuals – the abrupt decline of the relationship. Salwa’s poignant lyricism describes the end, alongside the symbolic shift of the vibrant floral arrangements into monochrome, fading blooms. While the track explores the enigmatic dynamics of modern relationships, the music video, helmed by filmmaker and visual creator Ted Clarke, captivates with its allure and charm, offering a tantalizing visual interpretation. Ted describes the concept and approach to the project, explaining “The objective of the video was to craft a piece that was both simple and impactful, allowing Salwa’s presence to command the screen in a manner that complemented the soft, melodic nature of the song without comprising her confident, bold, and playful personality. We aimed for an aesthetic reminiscent of a fashion editorial, incorporating flowers to enhance the visual design and evoke the symbolism of a blossoming relationship followed by its eventual demise.” [via Wonderland]

In a tunefully triumphant return to dancefloor glory, Kiesza is back with ‘I Go Dance,’ the irresistible new single from her hotly anticipated upcoming album Dancing and Crying: Vol. 1, slated for May. In Kiesza’s words, “’I Go Dance’ was a song where the lyrics just rolled off my tongue in a matter of seconds. With about 50% of the lyrics already in place, (Canadian producer) Sugar Jesus had already begun the beat for it in advance, and the second I heard it, I jumped up and started dancing! It’s one of those songs that felt very channeled. It came pre-written from the ether, and it was up to me to fill in the blanks. One day, while working on another song together, I played it for (Grammy-nominated songwriter) K Sotomayor, and we began talking in depth about how everything in life, be it light or dark, is in some way connected to self-healing. With that intention in mind, we wrote the verse together and we’re able to fill in all the blanks effortlessly. It’s one of those tunes that is a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. As simple as it is, there’s more depth than one might think upon their first listen.”

K-pop girl group YOUNG POSSE have officially dropped their sophomore mini-album XXL, alongside a music video for its title track of the same name. A music video for ‘XXL’ was also released in conjunction with the mini-album, featuring the members of YOUNG POSSE driving to a fast food restaurant’s drive-thru only to find out they’ve got a flattened tire. While trying to fix the tire, they press the ‘XXL’ button on a mysterious remote control, which transformed their car into a monster truck, causing the restaurant’s giant mascot to fall into the building. [via NME]

Unique, unapologetic artist CHINCHILLA has dropped the official music video for new empowering single ‘MF Diamond’. The video depicts a London diamond heist carried out by CHINCHILLA and her four accomplices of unsuspecting mature women, celebrating them for who they are rather than focusing on their age. The incredible video, directed by Ben Cole and CHINCHILLA, goes hand in hand with the song’s lyrics, representing CHINCHILLA’s ethos of authenticity as seen throughout all of her work. Speaking on the new video, CHINCHILLA says: “I wanted to make something inclusive without being corny or cliché. Something about elderly/older women makes me think of diamonds. I’m obsessed with Iris Apfel, who recently passed in the lead up to this video. She has always been on every one of my style mood boards, as well as Vivienne Westwood. They are awesome and I think ageing is beautiful – wrinkles only a reflection of every ounce of life we’ve had. I wanted to make a video that didn’t type-cast older women as frail and sweet, but powerful, strong, sexy, intimidating… and then obviously we all had to be doing choreo in the midst of a diamond heist because that’s just iconic. I didn’t want there to be any reference to their ages in the video – no gimmicks, they’re just fucking hot!”

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