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Photo credit: Matt Miller

BEKA bares her soul on new single ‘Vulnerable’

Rising pop sensation BEKA has returned with heartfelt new track ‘Vulnerable’, sharing her most personal thoughts surrounding the topic of love. It follows her previous single ‘Tears’ and the announcement of a UK headline tour this September.

Pouring herself into each of her releases, BEKA has become renowned for sharing intimate and empowering stories through her music. Her previous release ‘Tears’ was inspired by her ADHD diagnosis, while her triumphant second EP Your Skin explored themes of identity and self acceptance. Opening her heart for new single ‘Vulnerable’, BEKA surrenders herself to love and all of its complexities. Through moments of light and shade, the track’s delicate pop sound builds to anthemic levels as BEKA’s intense emotion bleeds through and she experiences pure, unadulterated love.

Speaking of the inspiration behind ‘Vulnerable’ BEKA explains: “’Vulnerable’ started after being asked “what are you afraid to write about’? and I found myself saying “love”. Has it been talked about too much? Was it too boring? How do you write about the reality of what it is to keep a vow to someone… the unsexy bits? I’ve seen a lot of love fail and I’ve lost a lot of people I love, but still, there is nothing quite like leaning into the vulnerability of love. Musically we wanted to mirror the slow, creeping in, and then the all encompassing feeling that is love and vulnerability. The feeling that makes you want to just wail a bit then speak quietly, but also something that feels like this very private anthem in your heart. ‘Vulnerable’ is line by line so many things I feel, and I guess, it feels pretty vulnerable to be able to finally put it in a song.”

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