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Photo credit: Izzie Austin

Chitra shares pummelling new single ‘In My Opinion’

Chitra, the burgeoning alternative vocalist, shares her new single ‘In My Opinion’. The first in a stream of new music that flanks her latest era.

Chitra’s first preview of new music since ‘Give Up’ sees the Naarm / Melbourne based musician debut a striking shift in her range as a performing artist. Rich with instrumentation and fierce in delivery, ‘In My Opinion’ is a response to someone who refuses to change their patterns of behavior. Finding her footing comfortably amidst Claud and beabadoobee, Chitra propels past her humble folkstar roots to roaring rocker with angular guitars, taut percussion and sharp lyricism abound on ‘In My Opinion’.

Produced alongside John Castle (Cub Sport, Hatchie, Angie McMahon), in her own words Chitra explains “I wrote this song about trying to understand how to be there for a loved one if they don’t want your help and coming to terms with that. It’s about seeing patterns of behaviour and getting frustrated but ultimately stepping aside.” Harnessed through ‘In My Opinion’s chorus, Chitra lets go of the premise of capitulation – people pleasing – wrung through the phrase “I don’t want to do it no more.”

Complete with music video directed by Tori Styles, who reveals “The clip shows someone sitting across from Chitra at a decadent feast. They’re obviously very hurt and are berating her, oblivious to the beautiful meal in front of them. I can relate to the struggle of someone misdirecting their emotions at you – sometimes you just want to kill them! Shooting on 16mm made perfect sense for this clip, as we wanted to maintain the grit and grain the medium lends itself to, and really highlight the beauty in imperfections. Funny story about this clip, we actually had to shoot it twice because the first time the film wasn’t loaded properly! One of the many beautiful uncertainties of working with film. You live and you learn!”

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