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Photo credit: Kalindy Williams

Chitra shares new single ‘Go Easy’

Chitra, the Melbourne based indie-rock singer-songwriter, returns with her latest single ‘Go Easy’, ahead of her performance at Australian music showcase BIGSOUND next month.

Patient and restrained over wrung-out guitar strums, ‘Go Easy’ although more languid than the recent ‘In My Opinion’ speaks to the frustration in moments of impasse. “Go Easy is a song I wrote about sitting on a feeling when you’re hesitant to act on it. Anticipating the worst but being drawn to it constantly,” she reveals. Calling to mind the commanding alternative-indie sound that forged Jack River and MAY-A’s paths, Chitra speaks with dismay to the opportunities that never materialise in voicing your thoughts aloud.

On ‘Go Easy’ she plays with the archetypes of indie-leaning stereotypes, often riddled with introspective anxieties that coddle rather than empower, especially when particularly far from reach. Instead of floundering in their turmoil internally, she considers moving on from their debilitation with a shared ability to play with perception and expectations as boygenius. In charge of her own path here, Chitra leaves dismay in the back of her mind with a call to keep calm and carry on, singing “I don’t wanna find what I know that I can’t hold… A call to change is never answered quick.” Not to be misread as needing to be left alone to pluck up the courage, but rather, to move on from spiralling in the “what if”.

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