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Photo credit: Jordan Keith

Chloe Star reveals new single ‘Happy Place’

Today, rising alt-pop act Chloe Star returns with her new single, ‘Happy Place.’ Bold, evocative, openly queer, and a fierce advocate for female empowerment, Chloe Star is the definition of a modern day rockstar. Her music is equally defiant, shamelessly blending elements of pop, rock, punk and hip-hop into a catchy sound that is wholly her own.

Following ‘Fool’ and ‘Found My Peace,’ her new electrifying single, ‘Happy Place,’ is the third in her trilogy of confessional tracks that explore lingering effects of a toxic relationship: “I tell a story with these 3 songs — the heartbreak, the awakening, and the release,” she says.

‘Fool’ is about the breakdown of the relationship, ‘Found My Peace’ sees Chloe emerging from the ashes of heartbreak, and, finally, ‘Happy Place’ is about finding freedom in healing. About the song, Chloe elaborates, “it’s about that feeling of relief that you experience when you finally get comfortable being on your own. That’s ‘Happy Place.’”

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