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Photo credit: Anthony DiCaro

Church Girls share new single ‘Telepathic Mind’

Draped in vulnerable lyrics and guitar-driven hooks, Philadelphia’s Church Girls create a new breed of indie/punk rooted in angsty optimism and bittersweet joy.

Their new single ‘Telepathic Mind’ comes on the heels of their Oct 2021 LP Still Blooms, their most emotionally affecting album yet – devastating in one moment, ebullient the next, and overcoming any and all obstacles to become a cohesive, succinctly catchy, and uplifting statement of purpose.

“We all get depressed,” vocalist Mariel Beaumont explains. “I still comically buck against it: waking up early every morning and standing in direct sunlight for twenty minutes because a podcast told me that might help. During this particular bout, I knew I was driving my live-in partner a bit crazy with my silent brooding. I’ve heard telepathic communication doesn’t work so well, but I’m a slow learner.”


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