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CODE ALICE releases new single ‘Dark’

Have you ever wondered why some thoughts seem heavier at night? When the lights are off and we are alone, we have nowhere to hide from your overactive mind. Anglo-Swiss Dark Pop duo CODE ALICE question our innate fear of what hides in the shadows and how it affects our mental health in their new single ‘Dark’. It depicts feeling stuck in an overthinking matrix, longing for the red pill which will open your eyes to see through the darkness.

The duo says, “This overthinking spiral will sound familiar to those who struggle with depression. At night when you are alone with your thoughts, the symptoms get more intense. Your mind can be a scary place, far more terrifying than any monsters that might be hiding in the dark. They are always there in the back of your mind, waiting to emerge. It also describes the feelings of confusion and the brain fog that come with depression. Everything is too loud, too bright, too much. The world is passing by in a blur, but at the same time everything is muted and feels like it’s happening in slow-motion.”

Singer Grace Willis lets you into her mind and reveals stories from her darkest moments. With this deeply personal confession, we hope that anyone who is struggling can relate, and know that they are not alone in their struggles.

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