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Photo credit: Vincent Po

corner club share tender ballad ‘when i die’

Today, San Francisco based indie pop duo corner club share whimsical acoustic track and video ‘when i die’. The duo’s self-produced earnest, intimate EP in the rearview mirror due out October 6. Despite its seemingly dark subject matter, the latest tender ballad with its airy, flowing production honors their lives and details their postmortem wishes.

‘when i die’ is a playful acoustic tune that imagines all the things the duo will miss when they pass. Vocalist Savannah Du shares of the song’s inspiration, “This song starts with a comment my mom made to me after my grandma passed, at a time when I wasn’t excited to be alive myself: ‘When I die, scatter my ashes, but not too close to the sea ‘cause I can’t swim.’” Making the track over the several months that followed, the song transformed into a personal reminder of the people, places, and experiences that the duo will miss when they’re gone, and has become an appreciation for the little things in life despite the title sounding a little bleak.

The track’s accompanying video sees the duo showcase their loved ones singing along to the song in front of some scenic and familiar backgrounds. The idea for the video was born as the pair began preparing for a cross-country move, and developed into a touching ode to their loved ones. Producer and guitarist Michael Zhang explains, “We hatched the idea of us recording snippets singing the song with all of our friends as we went from New York to San Francisco, with a few other trips in between. By my count, we ended up filming with about 70 of our friends and family, across ten different cities!” It took over nine months to compile, and though not everyone is included, Zhang admits, “It was impossible not to cry the first time we put all the videos together.”

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