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Photo credit: Saz Watson

Dande and The Lion release their emotive new single ‘Children of The Hour’

Sydney indie-pop four piece Dande and The Lion release their powerfully curated new track, ‘Children of the Hour.’ Following their previous single, ‘Harder to Breathe’, Dande and The Lion continue to pour their emotion into their beautiful lyrics, expressed through the powerful vocals of Natassa Zoe and Abbey Gardner.

The song’s narrative focuses on relationships and the chemical reaction we have when meeting a person that seems to come out of nowhere and has a huge impact on your life. Natassa explains: “‘Children of the Hour’ was inspired by a play I read by Lilian Hellman – ‘The Children’s Hour’ – that was later adapted into a film starring Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine. Hellman’s story played a part in helping to initiate my songwriting process and I started to reflect on how this related to experiences in my own life at that time. ‘Children of the Hour’ centres around the push and pull within an intimate relationship; meeting someone who takes you completely off-guard and shakes up your world in a totally unexpected way. So much so, that you start creating excuses to see them, thinking about a future with them, yet despite all those feelings it never quite matches up, for whatever reason you’re both just out of touch.

Collaborating with ARIA-nominated producer, Xavier Dunn (Jack River, Graace), Dande and The Lion created auditory magic in Dunn Studios, Sydney, with mixing and mastering provided by engineer, Klaus Hill (Diplo, Snakehips).

“The song itself is about being playful in the moment, following the feeling rather than over-thinking things,” Natassa continues. “Yet, despite this, the ‘hour’ never being quite right and ultimately leading to the endless wondering of how things might have been under different circumstances, in another time.”

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