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Dark Tropics release stunning new single ‘Midnight 10th of December’

Dark Tropics lead the charge on dynamic new single ‘Midnight 10th of December’. Following the critical acclaim from their debut album INK, the cinematic pop-noir duo return with their first new music of 2022.

The stylised single is an anthemic call to action positioning themselves at the front of the charge for change. Keeping their cinematic scores but swapping out the subtly underrated pop of their debut for a swirling horizon of alternative pop choruses and commanding hooks.

Reminiscent of the sounds and scope of Florence and The Machine and Angel Olsen, Dark Tropics’ newest release is their most ambitious yet. Lyrics hyper charged with a call to stand for what you believe in, powered by towering vocals and arrangements propel the act into a new era of stadium sized songs.

Dark Tropics on ‘Midnight 10th of December’: “It’s a song that’s hidden in the mist of memories. We piece together what we can. It’s about making decisions in the moment and the implications of those decisions …are there any? Does it matter? We are where we are. It’s about not having all the facts and it not mattering. It’s about one of those few moments in life when you are where you should be and you’re aware of it but know it shall soon pass.”

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  1. david

    What a terrific track by a terrific band – perhaps their best yet – should be an award winner – can understand why they are gaining such popularity

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