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dayaway share new self-titled single

NYC-based dream pop band dayaway share their self-titled second single, ‘dayaway.’ This new track follows the success of debut single ‘cool water’.

Reminiscent of acts like Tennis and Hatchie, dayaway’s nostalgic songs float over a bed of hazy guitars, wavy, psychedelic synths and dusty drums. Drawing influence from 90s and 00s indie like Rilo Kiley, Beach House, and Washed Out, dayaway blends elements of indie pop with chillwave and dream pop.

The band offers, “We started writing for this project in 2018 out at Rockaway Beach on our days off. There’s something cathartic about writing by the ocean. ‘dayaway’ is a song about lost love and nostalgia for a past you can never return to. Ultimately it became the namesake of our band.”

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