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Photo credit: Kelly Walsh

Devon Thompson releases fiery and heartfelt debut single ‘Soft Like Water’

Los Angeles native Devon Thompson is excited to be releasing her debut single ‘Soft Like Water’. The driving guitar track is the snarling sound of a young woman discovering who she is. “I was so insecure my whole life and felt like I wasted years worrying about what other people thought of me worrying about not fitting in,” says Thompson. “I was watching a video of a creature on the bottom of the ocean floor being pulled around by the current, and I thought that was me. I have to write about it. Water is malleable. If you touch it even slightly, the wind blows it. It’s easily pushed around. It’s just like the little sea creature, helplessly shoved around by the ocean’s current. Hence the meaning of the opening line of the song.”

Thompson approaches her songwriting with the same raw simplicity as the music that permeated her developmental years such as The Animals, Bill Evans, and the Beatles.  Songs start with one meaningful line, then a groove and bassline that the song is built around. “That is the foundation I love,” says Thompson. “I’m a guitar player and like the bass and the drums is what makes the song. And then the one powerful guitar line. We definitely stick and revert back to classic songwriting techniques from the 60s in the 70s,“ says Thompson. “Those were beautifully crafted perfect songs.”

The song was captured in an equally bare-bones recording environment which was vital for capturing the energy and raw emotion of the song. ‘Soft Like Water’ was recorded and produced by James Salter (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Ravonettes, Gringo Star) in a classic body shop in Ventura, CA surrounded by motorcycles. vintage cars, parts, and collectibles. The drums were set up and mic’d under a vintage Porsche on a car rack, enabling Salter to capture a literal garage sound. Thompon’s power as a performer is showcased in the video that sees a woman refusing to be a doormat, to anyone, including herself.

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